Road Dogg wonders if AEW Star is worth the expense of the mainstream song


Road Dogg shared his take on whether using licensed music for an AEW star’s theme was worth it. Tony Khan hasn’t been afraid to splash the cash on mainstream songs for his performers. Even Khan has his limits, however, as he simply wouldn’t accept the high price asked to use Europe’s “The Final Countdown” for Bryan Danielson’s theme song.

Jungle Boy is one of the main stars of AEW who uses licensed music. He makes his entrance to the tune of “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora. taking to his “Oh, You Didn’t Know” PodcastRoad Dogg explained why he wasn’t so keen on Jungle Boy getting a mainstream ’80s song.

“It’s cool and anyone can do that, but I haven’t even seen Jungle Boy on TV,” Road Dogg said. “You know what I mean? Is it worth it? The answer for me would be ‘no’, and I’m sure people don’t agree with that who like these entries. I don’t think not that it’s worth it.”

Jungle Boy was actually featured in a storyline on AEW TV with Christian Cage. Due to Cage’s injury, the focus in the ring shifted to Jungle Boy and his former friend Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy was defeated by Luchasaurus on the October 12 episode of “AEW Dynamite” with help from Cage.

Perhaps Road Dogg’s position isn’t so surprising. After all, he’s used to providing his own vocals on theme songs. He performed the theme song “With My Baby Tonight” for Jeff Jarrett, and could be heard on his iconic Attitude-era theme song when he teamed up with Billy Gunn as The New Age Outlaws.


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