RPG Maker Unite Details Battle Effects, Sample Music


Gotcha Gotcha Games has revealed new details about the battle effects in RPG Maker Unite and released new sample music tracks.

Users can use Effekseer or Unity’s particle system to create combat effects in RPG Maker Unite. Combat effects and music go hand in hand to create memorable RPGs for players to enjoy. The sample tracks released by Gotcha Gotcha Games can be used to animate towns and dungeons in user-created RPGs.

Here is an overview of the battle effects via Gotcha Gotcha Games:

Battle Effects and Music – Elements that enhance the main visuals to create a great game!
When we talk about RPG games, what often comes to mind are the more visually vivid elements such as story, character designs, or map designs. However, the battle effects and music are just as important – acting as the icing on the cake, it’s the synergy between the visuals and the audio cues that ultimately help create an awesome and memorable game! So, this time around, we’d like to showcase some of the changes we’ve made to RPG Maker Unite’s battle effects and music! Also, part of RPG Maker Unite’s the soundtracks are now available on our website for you to try out!
Users can use Effekseer or Unity’s particle system to create battle effects!
In MZ RPG Creatorour most currently available RPG Creator title, combat effects are primarily created from Effekseer, a powerful external application for creating particle effects, and then imported into the engine. Now, since RPG Maker Unite runs on the Unity editor, Unite users can also choose to use Unity’s built-in particle system to create combat effects from scratch and import into RPG Maker Unite!
Of course, battle effects created externally using Effekseer can still be imported like in RPG Maker MZ. Users can choose the solution they prefer to work on and can freely choose what they want to assign in their game!
Below are some examples of combat effects available in Unite’s default resource library:
With RPG Maker Unite’s with the native resolution being upscaled to Full HD, this is definitely great news for creators who want to make their battles more visually appealing than ever!
Try RPG Maker Unite’s sample music!
Four newly composed pieces of music from RPG Maker Unite’s the default assets are now available on our official site for you to try! Four track themes are available: City, Dungeon, Battle and Event.
Also, thanks to the design of Unity Editor, in addition to .ogg audio formats, RPG Maker Unite can now also incorporate music files in WAV format.

Lately, RPG Maker Unite coming soon to PC via Steam.


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