Ryan Ellis did a really good song of faith with “Heart of the Father”


Ryan Ellis and DOE have set up a melismatic clinic in a tune firmly rooted at the juncture between Christian music and R&B.

We recently came across Ryan Ellis’ Music Styles and immediately added it to our playlists. Ellis just released his first studio album this year, and he’s already got us excited for what’s to come.. We were particularly blown away by the terrific track “Heart of the Father”.

“Heart of the Father” is a track firmly anchored at the junction of Christian music and R&B. The air is powerful and gives goosebumps from the first chorus. Jhere is just an exceptionally jubilant quality that makes it instantly memorable and makes you want to know more about this exceptional artist.

The music

Backed by a stellar performance from guest artist DOE, Ellis delivers a melismatic clinic with a soaring tenor and vocal flexibility that is the envy of any performer in the genre. We particularly appreciated their vocal harmonies, which bring together the entire melody. These elements come together to create an emotional mid-section in which DOE hits notes we expected to break glass.

In an explainer video, featured below, Ellis explains that the whole song came together by chance. A worship pastor at his church had introduced Ellis to the choir line and the artist was so touched by the melody and lyrics that he felt inspired to finish it.


Ellis explained that while he was working on the melody, a sound engineer who was in the room—and off duty—had just started setting up the recording equipment. Soon they were recording the demo for “Heart of the Father”.

As Ellis recalled:

“The whole session even felt like magic… The engineer could kinda hear what we were writing and so he started setting up microphones and putting it on the speakers and bringing up the piano mic… it was like this guy was off -hours and he was just there and felt like ‘This song is fire.’ ”

From there they had a drummer come in and create a beat and soon they had the demo in their hands. The next day they showed it to their label and the rest is history. Now the tune is one of the best from Ryan Ellis’ self-titled debut album, with several other songs worth playing on the radio.

Learn more about Ryan Ellis at Youtube and Spotifythen follow this emerging artist on his website to follow all his releases.


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