Salem-Keizer focused on staffing at start of 2022-23 school year


There are 137 openings in all departments

SALEM, Oregon (KOIN) – As students continue to show up for their first day of school in Salem, the Director of Staffing and Recruiting says the district has specific needs – but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

“We are seeing an increase in math and science needs at the second-grade level. It’s not new to us,” said Brian Turner. “Our resignations and retirements may be a little higher than they have been in the past, but that’s our normal crisis. Enrollments are down across the country and we feel it like everybody. “

Even though school is now in session, officials at the Salem-Keizer School District are focused on filling their staff. They also take advantage of a program that allows someone with only a high school diploma to become a substitute teacher.

Turner also told KOIN 6 News that they have increased the salary for every position in the district. At that time there is 137 openings in all departments.

Teachers are nervous, excited and very busy about launching a full year of in-person teaching after a few years with pandemic-related changes. Officials said they had a better understanding of student needs this year and learned from what happened last year.

What’s most important to them as a district is restoring relationships with students, Turner said.

“We are coming back to schools again. The sports seasons are upon us. There are things we’re going to be able to do that we haven’t been able to do for years. We’re going to have music events and people in auditoriums and that’s how we reach and change the lives of children.


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