Santigold shares heartfelt new song and video “Nothing”


Photo by Marv Watson

Singer-songwriter Santigold has shared a new track called “Nothing”, along with a music video. The title is taken from the artist’s forthcoming album. Spiritualswhich will be released on September 9 on Santigold’s Little Jerk label.

“Nothing” uses a variety of synths and electronic effects, including heavy doses of reverb, to create an intriguing, upbeat yet somewhat uneasy atmosphere, laying the foundation for Santigold’s catchy and powerful vocals. The singer-songwriter notes that the song was written “about invisibility. It’s a song for anyone who hasn’t been seen, and for me it was an opportunity to explore what it feels like. I wrote Nothing in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests, and in writing the lyrics I was able to release a heaviness that I didn’t know I was carrying.

The official music video for the track, directed by Frank Ockenfels, acts as a short thumbnail that shows only a small portion of the track; the length of the video being only 50 seconds, compared to the 2 minute 50 second runtime of the entire track. Speaking about his influences and ideas in the new track, Santigold explained that the “video thumbnail was inspired by an image of Wangechi Mutu called Snake Eater. I had seen the image years ago and when I was thinking about visual ideas for this song, this piece came to mind. I loved the idea of ​​a being who is a woman but also beyond human in a way, and even unclassifiable. A being for whom there is no name, no category, who is totally unique, and fierce. I wanted to become that type of creature in this video because I don’t think you have to know how to name or define what you see to accept that it exists, that it’s beautiful and powerful and worthy of being exactly that. what it is.”

Listen to the full audio for “Nothing” or watch the short video thumbnail via YouTube below.

“Nothing” is the third offer that Santigold has published on Spiritualsafter “Ain’t Ready” and “High Priestess”.

Photo credit: Marv Watson



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