Solange Knowles’ son Julez shares his first rap song on TikTok –


Solange’s son, Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., better known as Julez, dropped a snippet of his first rap song and shared it with his TikTok followers.

The 17-year-old rapper: “I had to pack that heat/ She kept showing all the signs, but kept messing all my peace/ I’m tryna feed the game to niggas, but they still think it’s is nice / Just like Future said a while ago, the feds just did a sweep / F**k the London drip, we went to get our clothes shipped from Greece.

@jeluzsmith????♬ original sound – Julez Smith

Since its premiere, the song has garnered mixed reactions on social media. An user tweeted“It’s not even that bad.”

Another person Express“You don’t see King Combs trying to be a ‘hood’ rapper. This ni**a talks shit about flies and money and girls. You know things he can relate to. Like Julez , you’re Solange’s son and Beyoncé’s nephew. You better rap about cranes in the sky and lemonade.

“julez turns out to be so interesting as a connoisseur but at the end of the day he’s still a child,” wrote another Twitter user. “I just hope he gets by before it gets too bad.”

In April, Juelz found himself in a bit of a scandal when his then-girlfriend Adore revealed to the world that she might be expecting a child with him. Juelz quickly debunked the baby rumors when he took to his Instagram account sharing now-deleted screenshots of text messages with each other.


He shared a message from Adore that read, “Julezzzzzz tell ’em it’s fakeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeeee.” Juelz then followed up on social media with a post that read, “Now I wouldn’t usually talk about this stuff, but this time I’m not gonna let you drag my family over something that’s fabricated. This text is from today, she wants you to know it’s fake.

Adore replied, “Now you’re trying to make it look like I’m a liar, weird boy TF.” Uploading a screenshot to her own Instagram story, she added, “Don’t try to make it look like I’m lying eccentric you know what I meant trying to pass myself off as a liar…nope sir.” Since then, it has not been confirmed whether the rumors are indeed true or false, but only time will tell. Juelz seems to have his eyes set on the music at the moment.


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