Song of the Day: Beyond Sleep – “Enemy Lines”


Risen from the ashes of a metal band featured on an MTV show years ago, Beyond Sleep starts off big with this intricate and rowdy track.

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Beyond Sleep – “Enemy Lines”
RIYL: need a good morning wake-up call
What else do you need to know: There was a time when a Dallas-based metalcore band called A Dozen Furies had a lot of heat behind them. As the winners of an MTV reality show called Battle for Ozzfest, the band released a feature film in 2005 via famed Sanctuary Records. But things never really took off for the band, unfortunately.

Now, all these years later, two of its former members – singer Bucky Garrett and drummer
Mike Miller – “comes back with our bullshit” in a new band called Beyond Sleep.

Last month, they released a three-song, self-titled EP and its opening cut, “Enemy Lines,” is today’s song of the day.

There’s a lot of metal here, as well as hardcore styles – all with a take on the kind of production you heard on the Killswitch Engage and All That Remains albums. It’s smooth and heavy, and “Enemy Lines” takes great rhythmic and melodic turns.

Tight, shrill vocals go great over fast rhythms and occasional beats. “Enemy Lines” is reminiscent of Carcass without having to search all those medical terms found in a lab. The verses lead into a Pantera-like pre-chorus and then a Cave In-like chorus. With a great mix of screams and clean vocals, there’s a lot going on here.

“Riff Salad” is pejorative for songs made by bands that throw out lots of complex riffs but rarely do anything cohesive. It really is a kitchen sink approach that may appeal to people who think that the more precise and technically difficult, the better. Well, that’s not always the case. If you want repeat listens, you have to give the listener something to sink their teeth into.

There are a lot of complicated riffs in “Enemy Lines,” but Beyond Sleep really knows when to let things rip and when to hold back and let a melody give everyone some levity.


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