Spiral Stairs Share New Song “Pressure Drop”: Listen


Scott Kannberg is back with a new album Spiral Stairs, the successor to 2019 We wanna be Hyp-No-Tized. It’s called Attack Medley!! and it comes out in July. (This name refers to the working title of Talking Heads for stay in the light, melodic attack.) Apparently, this could also be the last release of Spiral Stairs.

Attack Medley!! almost did not exist. “I did my last shows in London in 2019, and I had this great show and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really want to play again after this,'” Kannberg said in a statement. “It’s great, it’s a good way to end.” But when he got home he started writing again and decided to make one last album under the name Spiral Stairs. Along the way, he tragically lost bassist and friend Matt Harris, who in turn influenced the album.

“So the focus of the album ended up being kind of on my love of rock ‘n’ roll, but also my love of friendship and my love for this guy Matt who had been there since day one of my solo career,” Kannberg said. . “He was always my guy who was my sounding board or sounding board – he played on Monsoon the first record from the Preston School Of Industry – but he was always there and I always played him my new songs before anyone else. His loss is indescribable, but I tried.

Along with the announcement, Spiral Stairs shared a debut single titled “Pressure Drop.” Check it out below.

01 “Too Late”
02 “Mole”
03 “Baron Please -> Attack Medley!! [Blitzkrieg]”
04 “Petrified”
05 “Pressure drop [End Of The Hurricane]”
06 “Hi ’70”
07 “Dry Country”
08 “Time = Because”
09 “Escaped”

Attack Medley!! was released on 9/7 via Amazing Grease.


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