Taylor Swift Apparently Wrote 1 Song From Her Friend’s Perspective


Although Taylor Swift has many talents, her songwriting abilities have earned her the most praise. Throughout her career, Swift has written or co-written every song she has ever released. In fact, she wrote her third album, Speak Now, entirely by itself. This was partly in order to silence critics who wondered how much writing she actually had on her Grammy-winning songs.

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How does Taylor Swift write her songs?

Interestingly enough, Swift doesn’t have a set method for writing songs. Sometimes the lyrics come first, while other times it’s a melody. Some songs seem to come to the Very good director with astounding speed. An example of this would be her song “Lover”, which she wrote alone in the middle of the night. Other times, it takes Swift years to fully conceive song ideas, which was the case for “The Man” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.”

The ‘Midnights’ singer is known for writing songs from different angles

Swift also plays with alternative perspectives in her music. For example, for her Reputation album, the Pennslyvania native primarily wrote tunes from her alter ego’s perspective. Meanwhile, for her hit song, “Blank Space,” Swift wrote from the perspective of the crazy boy the media had attributed to her.

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But it looks like Swift also writes songs from her friends’ perspective. At least that’s what Swift’s close collaborator and good friend Aaron Dessner believes. When breaking down Swift’s song, “the 1” for Vulture, the Grammy winner revealed that the first track was not written from Swift’s perspective. However, the “Weird Goodbyes” writer feels that Swift put elements of her personality into the tune as well.

Aaron Dessner dives deep into Swift’s song, “the 1”

“Clearly ‘the 1’ isn’t written from her perspective,” Dessner explained of Swift’s nostalgic song. “It’s written from another friend’s point of view. There’s an emotional irony and rawness to it, while having that kind of wink in his eyes. There’s a bit of his sense of humor in there, in addition to that kind of sadness that exists both underneath and on the surface. I like that in his writing.

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The first track almost did not reach “folklore”

Whatever perspective “the 1” is written for, the song served as a great introduction to folklore. Interestingly enough, it was one of the very last songs Swift wrote for the Grammy-winning album. In fact, Swift thought the album was done before she wrote the song. However, when she sent the song to Dessner in the middle of the night with the song “hoax”, the collaborators decided the songs needed a spot on the album.

Swift certainly has a penchant for changing things up with her music. We’re sure her loyal fans are curious to see what kind of music she’s created for her upcoming album, Midnights. The new tracks are said to explore 13 sleepless nights in the amsterdam acting life. But whether they will all be written from his point of view remains to be seen.

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