Taylor Trammell, often forgotten, could be the difference for sailors


As the ball streaked across the sky towards the seats at T-Mobile Park, a confused Dave Sims (as well as the Astros stand) saw the ball go into the glove of Astros center back Jose Siri. The rest of us watching at home saw Taylor Trammell hit his first home run of the 2022 season against Justin Verlander. A forgotten prospect for many, we must not forget Trammell and the tools he possesses.

Former top prospect Taylor Trammell could still be an impact player in MLB

Taylor Trammell was acquired from the Padres in 2020 along with Ty France, Andres Munoz and Luis Torrens as part of the Austin Nola deal. Last week was the first time all four players were on the active roster at the same time. All of these players had great moments, but Trammell has been a rollercoaster at the big league level.

Trammell was largely overlooked to start this season, after a major hamstring injury sidelined him and sent him into extended spring training. In a surprising and desperate move, the Mariners brought him to Boston to join the team after sending Jarred Kelenic to Tacoma.

Trammell cut .160/.256/.359 last season, with a frustrating 42.1% strikeout rate according to Fangraphs; he has never posted a strikeout rate above 27.1% in the minor leagues. Taylor has also only posted one 22-game streak in his minor league career where his OBP was below .349, other than the fact that he’s been a baseline machine with enough contact profile. decent.

Trammell’s profile at big league level has been confusing to say the least so far, showing far more swing and miss than ever before. He also showed far more power than any of his numbers would ever suggest, hitting 8 bombs in 178 AP in 2021.

According to Fangraphs scouting reports of Trammell’s minor league output, “Trammell is from the mold of Brett Gardner: OBP and defense.” If he can get back to the good OBP numbers he showed in the minor leagues, Trammell can be a real contributor and a jerk in the arm for this baseball team.

Trammell’s tools and size are off the charts more than Jarred Kelenic or Kyle Lewis, but for some reason Trammell has been forgotten in the minds of many Mariners fans. Taylor is a massive human and, by all accounts, an awesome guy to have around the clubhouse.

Mariners fans should really hope Trammell turns a corner, due to his potential impact on this roster. Becoming a capable hitter prevents a myriad of second basemen from holding the outfield, but beyond that, his tools could represent a real impact player.


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