Tesla launches in-vehicle KTV function


(Source: Tesla)

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On Friday, Tesla’s latest over-the-air (OTA) update for its China-based customers includes a fun KTV feature and support for a new vehicle accessory – the TeslaMic.

By linking the TeslaMic to the Thunderstone KTV app, music lovers can enjoy a private, immersed karaoke room in the electric vehicle. Thunderstone’s products are designed primarily for the video-on-demand (VOD) industry. Taking the self-developed on-demand karaoke system as the core, the company forms a complete product chain which covers from server and decoder to microphone.

The official Tesla China mall shows that the TeslaMic is priced at 1,199 yuan ($189) and is currently sold out. The stock should be replenished at the end of February. The microphone features a moving-coil capsule DSP processing chip, anti-hiss technology, super-cardioid pickup design, and multiple built-in sound modules. It also features U-segment signal transmission with automatic pairing.

The TeslaMic can be used for more than 10 hours but cannot be used in vehicles equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra infotainment processor.

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Additionally, for the TeslaMic and KTV, Tesla will also introduce other changes in the latest 2022.2.1 update. For example, the color customizer for the vehicle’s infotainment display would allow drivers to match their vehicle’s avatar to the specific exterior wraps of their cars. The 2022.2.1 update will also launch NetEase Cloud Music, adding the program to the QQ Music option of the drivers.


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