the act behind the best-selling Christian music song of all time


MercyMe is finally back with their 10th studio album, “inhale (exhale)”.

This is the band’s first studio release from Oklahoma since the popular 2017 “Lifer”, which reached No. 1 on the Christian music charts and also climbed into the overall top 10 on the Billboard.

The new album has already delivered three hit singles – “Say I Won’t”, “Hurry Up and Wait” and, the most popular of the trio, “Almost Home” – and our ears are telling us there could be a a number of others will also follow from this solid overall release by singer Bart Millard, bassist Nathan Cochran, percussionist Robby Shaffer and guitarists Michael Scheuchzer and Barry Graul.

The album is available on CD for $ 10 on It can also be streamed to Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and other services.

Some listeners may not be familiar with the name MercyMe, even though the band has been making great music for over 20 years. Yet those same listeners may still know what the band’s most famous track (by far) is – the uplifting anthem “I Can Only Imagine”, which was released as the second single from MercyMe’s formidable debut label, “Almost There”. “

The song was a huge hit, reaching quadruple platinum heights as it would become the best-selling Christian music single of all time. It was also a crossover hit, also landing on the pop, country, and contemporary adult charts.

“I Can Only Imagine” would gain visibility with the release of the biopic of the same name in 2018, based on Millard’s life and centered on the story behind the song.

The Erwin brothers’ film, starring J. Michael Finley as Millard and Dennis Quaid as his father Arthur, was a surprise box office success that found its footing thanks to significant buzz in the mouth. by ear. It now ranks among the highest grossing music biopics of all time.


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