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I’ve had a thing for Inkle ever since I’ve been playing Sorcery! on my old banger from an iPhone many years ago, and I’ve been thrilled with every game he’s made since. games like 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault, the Overboard nominated for the 2022 BAFTAs! and Pendragon – games that wield words masterfully. And I can’t wait for the new game from A Highland Song studio which was properly revealed just a few weeks ago.

So it is with great excitement that I introduce you to today’s Eurogamer Podcast guests. They are the two people who founded Inkle a little over 10 years ago. The two people who once met were working on a curious game at Sony about the cycle of a person’s life – a game that would ultimately never be made. But they became friends, dreaming together about the kind of games they would make, and then one day the dreams came true and Inkle was born.

They are Joseph Humfrey and Jon Ingold, and here is their winding story. Episode 10 of the new Eurogamer podcast is now available for everyone to stream either in this article or on any of the major podcast platforms (you can also download it using the down arrow on the player above ). Eurogamer premium supporters can also now access Episode 11: a chat with the RPG designer behind the Combat Wheelchair expansion for Dungeons & Dragons, which shed light on Geralt’s disability.

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Our video chat.

You might also be interested in last year’s Meghna Jayanth podcast after listening to this one, as she’s the one who teamed up with Inkle to co-write 80 Days – a project they’re still very fond of. You can find all of our podcasts in an archive elsewhere on the site.

Here is a link to the new Heaven’s Vault novels that we also talk about in the podcast.

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