“This memory means so much to me” – David Lee Roth’s new song is about Van Halen and was recorded with John 5


Even though he strength be the missing piece of a project Van Halen tribute tour, David Lee Roth Still thinking of his old band on his single Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway.

The acoustic guitar-based song finds the original Van Halen singer reminiscing: We laughed / we cried / we threw the TV off that balcony / this memory means so much to me… and these are just the lyrics of opening.

This is my favorite song I’ve ever done with Dave, and it’s beautiful

John 5

The song appears to be from Roth’s unreleased album recordings with guitarist John 5 from several years ago that may be gradually leaking into circulation.

“I don’t get reviews, which is funny,” said John 5 Darren Paltrowitz (opens in a new tab) in 2021 about when he finds out that his songs with Roth are going to be released by the singer. “I just found out on Blabbermouth or something. But there’s a song I just can’t wait for Dave to put out. It’s called Nothing Could Have Stopped Us and it’s about Van Halen.

“I don’t know why that one isn’t coming out yet. And I just can’t wait for people to hear it. Because it’s about Van Halen. It’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait let him get that one.”

The wait is over. And last year, John 5 told AOL.com that the unreleased album is all about acoustics Could It Be Magic? VH vein that this single highlights.

“[Dave] I wanted to do those kind of more California sessions,” the guitarist explained. “And he’s such an artist, I was like, ‘Whatever you want to do, I’m here for you. So that’s that kind of ambience. But there’s a lot of multi-tracks and different acoustic parts that all work together. It’s sort of orchestrated, if you will.”

Last year’s single One Piece Thermo-Molded Country Plastic Chair and this month’s Pointing At The Moon could also be from the John 5 sessions. hear Roth explore this kind of style.


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