THRESHOLD Announces New Album “Dividing Lines”, Music Video For Single “Silenced” Released


British stalwarts of prog-metal THRESHOLD announced their 12th full album “Dividing Lines”which is set to release on November 18 via Nuclear explosion. Following a newly minted classic was always going to present THRESHOLD with a challenge, but the band’s next studio album quickly confirms that the challenge has been met. Darker, heavier and even more adventurous than its predecessor, “Dividing Lines” reveals a band with a lot about their collective spirit, while delivering some of the most inventive and melodically powerful tracks they’ve ever recorded.

Keyboardist Richard West song comments: ”Silenced is about how we seem to be heading towards fewer voices, fewer artists, fewer places, fewer platforms where everyone can be heard. People seem so scared to talk or debate anything. I know I look old but I miss the good old days! When freedom of expression disappears, society is lost.

The first taste of the album’s music arrived via the single “Quiet.” Check out the music video below or stream it HERE.

Despite its many tense and tumultuous moments, “Dividing Lines” is also a showcase of pleasure THRESHOLD have right now. Whether it’s finding new ways to break hearts and touch souls on the simplified and straightforward likes of “Haunted,” “Quiet” and “Lost along the way” or exploring all sorts of new territory and revamped brands on elaborate epics “The Domino Effect” and “Defense Condition” these ageless veterans are clearly in the shape of their lives.

Whereas “Legends of the Counties” presented a self-contained narrative that allowed THRESHOLD give free rein to their imagination, “Dividing Lines” eschews the conceptual approach in favor of a group of more traditional songs, bound together by a hazy but unmistakable common theme. A collection of emotionally powerful monuments to the eternal restlessness of humanity, “Dividing Lines” may be a dark record for dark times, but at its heart is a message of hope for better times.

If the future of this planet looks bleak, at least the soundtrack will be spectacular. “Dividing Lines” is an album of light and shadow, despair and hope; the human experience, rendered in dazzling color, on the big screen and interpreted with all the intensity and passion that have characterized THRESHOLDis over three decades of active service. The British kings of prog-metal are back and ready to take on the world again.

Pre-order “Dividing Lines” on a variety of formats including signed insert + UK exclusive colored vinyl from record store, in this location.

List of “Dividing Lines” tracks:

1. Haunted
2. Hall of Echoes
3. Let it burn
4. Silent
5. The domino effect
6. Complex
7. King of Nothing
8. Lost along the way
9. Run
10. Defense Condition

Formed in leafy Surrey in the late 80s, THRESHOLD truly flourished over the next decade and quickly established themselves as the main standard bearer for progressive metal in the UK. Since 1993 “Wounded Earth” beginnings, the enduring creative core of the guitarist Karl Groom and master of the keyboard Richard West built a unique new variety of heavy and progressive music, combining incisive melodies, challenging lyrics and complex yet thundering arrangements. Let it be led by the current singer Glynn Morganwho first sang with THRESHOLD on 1994 “Psychedelic Delicatessen”, the delay, great Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott (member from 1998 to 2007), or triple graduate Damien Wilson, THRESHOLD marched inexorably forward through three decades of creative fervor, arguably reaching a new height of power on the conceptual and musical madness of 2017 “Legends of the Counties.” With Glynn Morgan back home, the unwavering formation of the British Married, Westdrummer Johanna James and bassist Steve Anderson somehow pushed to new heights, receiving widespread praise and finding themselves more in demand than ever. Despite the inevitable setback of a global pandemic, THRESHOLD arrive in 2022 in great shape.


  • Glynn Morgan / Voice
  • Karl Groom / Guitar
  • Richard West / Keyboards
  • Steve Anderson / Bass
  • Johanna James / Drums

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