Tide Lines frontman Robert Robertson talks about his love for Lochaber


A special place on the banks of the Lochy River, Lochaber.

Why are you going there?

It’s a short walk from behind my mom and dad’s house and I’ve been going there my whole life whenever I wanted a breath of fresh air. I even sometimes manage to swim in the rare cases where the weather is nice.

I’m clearly biased, but I think the scenery there is second to none: sweeping views of Ben Nevis, Aonach Mor and Carn Mor Dearg; native Caledonian pines; fields filled with sheep, horses and Highland cattle; beds of gorse in full bloom in summer; and all down to the crystal clear waters of Lochy.

How often do you go there?

Every time I’m home.

How did you discover it?

I’ve always known it but luckily it remains relatively unknown to the rest of the world – so don’t tell anyone.

What is your favorite memory?

I have millions of memories that all merge into a long, hot summer day of my childhood, swimming up and down and picnicking on the shore. But one particularly bizarre recent memory was during the first lockdown in 2020 that I spent at home with my mum and dad.

Tide Lines needed social media content to promote a new album we had released at the time. It was during a period of good weather, so I was going down to the river most days with my guitar and my mom and dad were filming me singing songs from the album.

The backdrop for the footage was perfect, but I have to admit I’ve worked with better cameramen in my time.

Who do you take?

These days I like to go down alone to get some exercise and some time for myself. But I’m also always happy to show the beautiful scenery of Lochaber to anyone who I think needs to witness it.

What do you take?

A bike if I’m feeling lazy. I wandered in there one scorching hot day last summer with an old school buddy who also now works in the music industry. We took swimming shorts, sunscreen and a backpack full of cold beer. Just perfect. Until the midges arrive…

What are you leaving behind?

A little bit of myself every time I take the road to Glasgow. Fortunately, the river is still there when I return.

Sum it up in five words.

Beautiful. Isolated. Mountainous. Nostalgic. House.

What other travel location is on your wish list?

I’m lucky, as a musician, to be able to travel a lot – especially in Europe. I would like to explore the United States a bit more and maybe go somewhere totally different from the landscape I just described, like the Grand Canyon.

Tide Lines’ latest single, Written In The Scars, is out now. The band’s new album An Ocean Full Of Islands, available for pre-order, will be released on February 24, accompanied by a UK tour from March 9. Visit tidelinesband.com


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