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Tide Lines are a four-piece Scottish band formed in 2016. They have built up an enthusiastic fanbase and released music totally on their own. Eye of the Storm was the band’s final album, and the self-produced, self-released LP entered at number 12 on the Official Albums Chart – a feat for a DIY release.

Now, with a new single “Written In the Scars” and a big tour on the horizon, we caught up with the band to ask a few more questions about them.

The latest Tide Lines single ‘Written In the Scars’ has just been released, and I noticed you got good airplay on BBC Radio2 etc. How’s the song’s reception going so far?

It’s so great to have new music again. It’s always nerve-wracking to release a song, but we released it during the tour, so we had an immediate idea of ​​how the audience relates to it. The longer it was out the more familiar the audience got with it so as the tour progressed you could feel each audience singing the chorus a little louder than the night before! The Radio 2 piece was a huge boost for us, not only for our own fans, but also for new ones.

Your band’s origin is described as being from the Scottish Highlands, and apparently you have a rehearsal space on the Isle of Mull. Is this kind of framework reflected in your music? Does it help to inspire?

Yes, we actually recorded our new album in Mull and that really defines the record – even the title. An Ocean Full of Islands is an image with a lot of figurative connotations but, on a purely literal level, it perfectly describes our vision of the studio as we developed the songs while looking out over Bunessan Bay and the Atlantic. We thought it was the perfect title because the music was inspired by the environment in which we recorded.

Where does the name Tide Lines come from?

We wanted a name that we felt connected to the coastal parts of Scotland we hail from and Tide Lines is taken from our first single we released in 2016, a song called Far Side of the World. There is a line in the song “in my head, I see her smiling; where the tide lines adorn the island”. We had this song recorded and ready to go, but we still didn’t have a name and it was one of the guys who came up with the idea to take it out of the lyrics.

Your next tour is scheduled for next year. Are there any locations you are particularly looking forward to playing?

It’s a tough question because we’re really excited about so many sites. I think Edinburgh’s Usher Hall is the one I’d mention right away because it’s such an iconic (and beautiful) place in Scotland. The Electric Ballroom in London is also a gig we’ve heard a lot about, so we’re looking forward to it. But we’re just happy to be returning to many cities in the UK where we’ve had great nights before. I think Brighton is the only place we’ve never been before so this is another one I’ll be looking forward to.

What are your main influences as a band?

The four of us have quite different influences developed over the years, but there are some common denominators. Our early influences were quite eclectic. I think we all naturally listened to what our parents and siblings listened to growing up. Everything from classic rock to 80s, 90s and more traditional music. Then, probably, throughout our school years, we all had very different tastes – from harder rock to electronic music and chart music of the era. A fairly common theme for the four of us when it comes to early influences is actually the more traditional music of Scotland. I think all of those aforementioned early influences can be heard in the cumulative sound we’re creating today.

If you could choose one band or artist to work with, who would it be?

We’d probably all argue about this for hours with different suggestions, but since I’m doing the interview, I’m going to be selfish (and ridiculously overambitious!) and go with Bruce Springsteen!

It looks like you have a good fan base. Did it grow out of local gigs in Scotland, or did people start hearing your music on Spotify/radio?

I think the answer is a bit of both. Yes, the fan base was built from many tours, but as that fan base grew, streaming, radio, social media, press and word of mouth helped grow and grow that initial fan base.

Do you have an outstanding gig or show that you performed as a band?

Our O2 Academy show in Glasgow in March this year was quite special for us. Obviously it was a local gig and the biggest gig we’ve done to date in terms of capacity…but other than that the crowd was really amazing. Many of the shows from our recent City Hall tour were also very good for totally different reasons. The goal was to take large-scale production that would normally be associated with things like the O2 and try to transplant the whole ‘bells, whistles and flashing lights’ experience into a mix of rural venues and theaters. smaller. It went really well and made for some truly memorable evenings in local communities across the country.

Are you releasing any other singles from your next album?

Yes – there will be another single in the album

Do you have a message for your fans and followers?

Just that we really appreciate everyone who supported us by pre-ordering the album and we can’t wait to see them in the spring playing the songs! We really hope they enjoy the album when it comes out!

Thank you Tide Lines – all the best for the future!


Author: Andrew Braithwaite

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Music Talkers. He is also passionate about music and plays the guitar.


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