Toosii Feat. Fivio Alien – Spin Music Song


Today, the new XXL Freshman Toosii doubled down on all the hype he’s built throughout 2021 and released the deluxe version of his May mixtape. Thanks for believing. By adding ten more tracks, Toosii’s fan-favorite project has gone from being 38 minutes long to a whopping one hour and eight minutes, and but so far fans aren’t complaining at all.

Like the original version of the project, Toosii retained the functionality on Thank you for believing (The Manifestation) at a minimum, but he ended up bonding with Florida rapper Hotboii and Brooklyn rapper Drill Fivio Foreign.

Toosii / Instagram

His collaboration with fellow XXL Freshman has already caught the attention of fans, and while the song is undoubtedly a pure burst of energy, it’s one line in particular that gets fans talking about Toosii and Fivio’s new squad. . Towards the end of Fivio’s verse, the Brooklyn rapper randomly says, “Sh * tting, poo,” and while it’s absolutely ridiculous, it’s okay somehow. Apparently even Toosii and Fivio find it hilarious because the two rappers were seen on Instagram earlier today laughing at Fivio’s absurd bar.

Discover the electrifying Fivio Foreign collaboration of Thank you for believing (The Manifestation) below.

Words to quote

I’m ruthless, ice cream, scoop (Baow)
Shit, poo, shit, poo
I feel like I am the GOAT
I don’t need any of your votes (I don’t need them)
I don’t care how you talk, baby, watch the approach
I can’t ride my wave, I’m gonna blow your boat up (Baow, baow, baow)




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