University of Lethbridge students join professors on picket lines


Locke Spencer, ULFA’s chief spokesperson, says the association has not met with the University of Lethbridge collective bargaining team since the strike began on February 10.

“I am very disappointed to report that we have yet to meet with the board’s bargaining team since the strike began. They refused our invitations several times. I’m not sure they realize what we have here. We negotiate from a position of strength. We are negotiating something that will improve our institution. We are negotiating something that will contribute to the learning conditions of all our students, to the sustainability and reputation of our institution, to our research expertise, to all our creative activities.

Dan O’Donnell, president of ULFA, said the strike was aimed at improving the university.

“This strike is about making sure we are treated with respect. This strike is about when students show up to board meetings, they are not told to give up. This strike concerns students who come to class, their teachers remaining for this extra time. This strike is about students working with professors on their research, not because it’s their hobby, but because it’s what this university exists for.

The University of Lethbridge’s collective bargaining team released a statement on Wednesday, saying ULFA members have representation on many of the school’s governance bodies, including the Budget Advisory Committee and the board of governors.

The U of L bargaining team says its primary goal is to ensure students receive an exceptional and affordable education.

“We are currently in a difficult economic situation which requires difficult choices. Our university governance is positioned to make these choices based on input from many stakeholders, including our faculty. »

The University says it will resume negotiations once ULFA rectifies what the Board calls “inconsistent and unproductive salary negotiations.”

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