WATCH NOW: $ 250,000 City Grant Helps Revitalize Music Creator and Performance Space Plans in Greensboro | Local


Guilford County Schools and Notes for Notes wrote project approval letters to city council.

“Under one roof you will have the opportunity for everyone, whether adults or young people, to receive instruction, to practice and rehearse, to record, to produce video, sound engineering, voice recordings, podcasts, “said Nichols, Spitsen partner. , his wife, in Nichols Properties Group.

“Plus, if you are a musician who aspires to stage your creations, you will be able to do it in the same venue as well,” Nichols said.

Zimmerman said he hopes Rhythm Works will be up and running by the end of the year.

Traditionally, Notes for Notes has worked in Boys and Girls clubs and community centers. It provides free music lessons and instruments to young people.

Notes for Notes is partnering with county schools for a program similar to the Penn-Griffin School for the Arts.

Under his proposed agreement with Rhythm Works, he plans to provide programs and staff for youth engagement. The county schools will provide the students and Rhythm Works will provide the facilities.

It provides fundraising and grants to cover costs.

Zimmerman said he didn’t know of any other music creation space like this in town – or in the countryside.


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