Wilder Maker releases new single “A Professional” featuring Felicia Douglass


Brooklyn-based indie rock band Wilder Maker released their new single, “A Professional,” on June 27 from their upcoming album, Male models, out July 29 via Western Vinyl. The single features guest vocalist Felicia Douglass of Dirty Projectors and Ava Luna.

Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

Composed of musicians Gabriel Birnbaum, Nick Jost and Sean Mullins, Wilder Maker began with a series of self-productions and home recordings before debuting with music such as “New Streets” (2017) and If we (2018) with great success. Their next Male models album was recorded live over several days and includes an impressive list of guest vocalists.

The track “A Professional” is one of the twelve songs of Male models. Although Wilder Marker lead vocalist and songwriter Birnbaum doesn’t sing on the track, Douglass’ voice shines from the start. Her voice carries the song’s message of isolation with emotion. With simple chords possibly covered in drum beats and other instruments, the track blends beautifully.

A Professional’ delves into the feeling of digital isolation…the way the physical world has become less real and more ghostly, less mysterious and more quantifiable. It’s inspired by this recurring experience I have, usually while traveling, where I’ve been alone all day and I suddenly feel like connecting very badly with the people I love. I text several times and sit there waiting for the phone to turn on, with this strange feeling that everyone I know may be gone. As soon as I imagined Felicia singing this song, I knew she would be perfect for it, and she was. I am so happy and grateful that she was able to do this.

– Songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum

The next Male models features more guest lead singers, including an impressive line-up of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Katie Von Schleicher, Felicia Douglass, Alex Schaaf (Yellow Ostrich), VV Lightbody and Mutual Benefit. Across the album’s 12 songs, audiences will find electrified soul, heartfelt folksongs, indie rock, and more.

Birnbaum drew on a wide range of inspirations for the album, including everything from American novelist James Salter, to the NBA playoffs, to Thin Lizzy and all about masculinity. After making music together for almost a decade, Wilder Maker is ready to release another energetic album – stay tuned for July 29th.


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