Xena East’s Melodious Voice In Her New Song “I Never Knew” Will Remind Audiences Of The Pain Of Love


The emerging artist Xena East spreads his melodious voice through some of his well-formed musical gems. Recently, she offered a song called I never knew. Dr Stephanie Laurens is from Melbourne Victoria, Australia. It is associated with various causes that will help the world grow better. Besides being an exquisite singer, she is a pet psychologist, blogger and YouTube content creator. The beauty of her inner being is reflected through her expressive narrations. She is an individual artist who makes this world beautiful with all her power. The beauty of his music and soothing tunes are levitating.

This song is about the heartbreak she recently had breaking up with her boyfriend. And the melancholy longing to want him back in your life is fascinating. Emotions and memories associated with a relationship turn to pain and melancholy once the relationship ends. And that’s what this song is about. The lines told by the Melbourne pop artist made the song even more engaging. And the full mix of the song makes it more powerful. ‘I never knew’ is one of the finest performances she has offered in her musical career.

She performed various covers for veteran artists like Billie Eilish, Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez with her melodious voice. More importantly, everything she offers through her music has lasting effects. Get a glimpse of Xena Eastby far “Girl I Want You”, “Lonely”, “Sorry”, “When Your Gone”, “First Love”, “Because Of You”, “Lovely”, and many more. And she will continue to do so in the future. You can read her blogs on her ‘God Mother Nature’ website and watch her videos on Youtube. His entire music collection is available on SoundCloud. Follow her on Facebook, instagramand Twitter know a little more about her.

Discover to listen to this song ‘I Never Knew’ by Xena East:


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