Yeah Yeah Yeahs shares video for new song “Burning”


Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ First Video for New Song “Burning”; ‘Cool It Down’ LP 9/30; fall visit

Karen O. and the Yeah yeah yeah came alive recently with new material, ending a silence that lasted a few years and marked the beginning of a new era with Secretly Canadian Records.

Of the two songs shared so far from a new album, cool it down“Burning” showcases the band’s urgent and immediate energy, with Karen O.’s captivating presence taking over as it always has throughout the indie band’s heralded career:

Cool it down, due out September 30, will be the band’s fifth studio album to date and first since 2013. Mosquito. He was first featured with the song “Spitting Off the Edge of the World”, featuring Perfume Genius:

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Karen O’s words on “Burning”:

“When I was 19 living in the East Village, one night a roommate dragged me out of the apartment for an impromptu drink across the street. I left a candle votive lit on a plastic yaffa block which in my absence set my room on fire.. Within an hour and a half of having a drink in the block firefighters had come and gone to put out the fire , i returned home to find that a natural disaster had happened (in my room) and most of my stuff, lost in the flames, all electronics were melted down and demolished like my laptop, appliances photo etc but oddly enough the items that had the most sentimental value remained intact like the sketchbooks, a favorite sweater with hearts on the chest and photographs I had photos of my parents in their youth where the fire burned around them as if there was a cha mp of intangible force protecting them, many photos like that, mysteriously leaving beloved subjects untouched.

If the world is on fire, I hope that our most loved ones will remain protected and that we will do everything possible to protect what we cherish most in this life. ‘Burning’ is a song about that feeling, smoke signals to the soul. Begging to chill it, just doing it the best we know how. Nick and I nodded to “Begging” by Frankie Valli, with the line “oooh put your red hand on me baby”. We cut the rug to many 60s soul bangers in our time, it was in our DNA the moment we wrote “Burning”.

And here’s a lengthy mission statement from the singer/bandleader regarding the return of Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

“To all who waited, our dear fans, thank you, our storytelling fever has returned, and writing these songs has come with its share of chills, tears and euphoria as the pain fades and the truth is out there is no need to tell you everything we’ve been through in the past nine years since our last album, because you’ve been through this too, and we love you and we see you, and we hope you feel the feels from the music we’ve made. No need to shirk the feels or back down from what’s been gripping us all these days. So yeah, we’ve taken our time, happy to report it’s ready , it really flows,” says Karen O.

“The record is called ‘Cool It Down’ which is taken from a lesser known Velvet Underground song. I told Alex Prager whose picture graces our record cover that his image speaks to radical themes in music and sums up how I, Karen, feel existentially in these times! But there’s always more to the story. So begins our new story, we present to you with our heads down and fists up Spitting Off the Edge of the World with Perfume Genius.

A note on this video, it’s a dream collaboration with one of our favorite artists of the 21st century, Cody Critcheloe, who did the artwork for our first record in 2003 and has been making visionary music videos over the course of the last decade. The time to collaborate again came with Spitting, filming in Kansas City was dreamlike, the dreams you have after eating something really greasy right before you go to bed; bizarre, poetic and intense. Perfume Genius was unbelievably graceful rolling around in the freezing cold mud as a co-pilot and flying scene after scene with its surreal charm. We implicitly trusted Cody, he exceeded expectations and gave us our November rain. The spirit of YYY is alive and well through the eyes of Cody Critcheloe. The Custom Yeahs limo was largely his work, fueled by love.

And the band’s next tour dates:

September 18: Riot Fest @ Chicago, IL
October 1: Forest Hills Stadium @ New York, NY *
October 6: Hollywood Bowl @ Los Angeles, CA *
November 17: Guanamor Teatro Studio @ Guadalajara, MX
November 19: Corona Capital @ Mexico City, MX
* with Japanese breakfast and The Linda Lindas


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