You want bamba? Viral song puts Ghanaian producer on the map


Ghanaian producer Nektunez is open to working with anyone from the Caribbean who connects with his music.

The producer, birth name Noble Eli Zgoli, is determined to bring music to people around the world.

That’s what he set out to do with his world hit Ameno Amapiano, known for his Goya Menor chorus “You wanna bamba, you wanna chill with the big boys.”

The song is a viral hit through social media with over three million videos created using the song on Tik Tok and over two million views on the song’s official video which only premiered on February 22.

Nektunez created the song by sampling the vocals “Dori Me” from French band Era’s song Ameno. He mixed it with Amapiano, the burgeoning South African genre in keeping with the Amapiano theme from his EP.

I released the original disc on April 22 last year. It was a five track EP and it was the first single. It went viral on social media and then an MC in Nigeria freestyled for a minute and it went viral on Tik Tok with Nigerian celebrities putting it on their page. Goya Menor put lyrics on it and he told me to check it out. I listened to it and it makes sense to me. It was in June and in July the song started to climb,” recalls Nektunez.

Menor’s lyrics, warning of the dangers of joining cults, brought the song to a global audience and helped open doors for Nektunez’s career. The producer recently signed a deal with Sony Records.

“I had a feeling it would go viral,” Nektunez said. “I actually felt the Ameno so much and told my friends that I believed in the song so much. I knew it would be a hit song in Africa but not in the world. I actually had a prediction from where I thought this record would take me to the next level. It feels great. I see this as a stepping stone to greatness, I see this as the start of the turmoil.

Nektunez’ musical inspiration began with a neighbor who played loud music every morning and on weekends.

As a child, the producer would sit by the neighbor’s door and listen to the music. In high school he learned to play drums and piano and decided after a while to create his own music instead of just playing other people’s music.

“It motivated me to get into production. DJ Khaled and others were appearing and it was nice to see producers making waves all over the world. I wanted to be like them so in 2008 I decided to take it seriously and here we are,” he said.

While he will certainly continue to put African culture on the map, Nektunez warned that he is a ready-made producer who will experiment with all genres.

Ameno Amapiano, he said, also combines afrobeats with electronic sound.

“I do Afrobeats, Jazz, Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, Folk; any genre, anything musical. I produce reggae, dancehall, did a jazz EP in 2020 and track two had a Caribbean vibe to it. The EP Amapiano was me in my element, the next project may not be that one. It’s just me showing the world what I describe as a producer/artist, what I’m capable of.

“On my next project, I will not focus on creating a viral hit, I want to make great music for people around the world to listen to. Social media plays a very important role though. When I dropped ameno i used sponsored ads on instagram and djs were playing the commercials record then people on tik tok heard it social media is a great tool and i will use it to promote my record “, did he declare.

Now based in Atlanta, Nektunez said he has a wish list of artists he’d like to work with, but they have to have the vibe he’s looking for.


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